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There are limitless housing options in St Johns. 
We recommend the following:

Villa Rentals
Villas can be a fun way to stay in larger groups of family and friends and have plenty of options for preparing meals and lounging about. Staying in a villa will usually require car rental and most require a minimum five-night stay. Depending on the number of guests, prices can be as low as $150 per bedroom (max 2 people per room). 

Caribbean Way Villas           www.caribbeanway.com                 1-877-953-7400
McLaughlin Anderson Villas  www.mclaughlinanderson.com        1-800-537-6246
Vacation Rental Villas           www.vacationrentalvillas.com        1-800-553-0109

Hotels and Major Resorts
Westin Sugar Bay St John      www.westinstjohn.com                     $330 and up  (Triple A Rate)
Gallows Point Resort             www.gallowspointresort.com           $300 and up
Caneel Bay                            www.caneelbay.com                       $400 and up

Bed and Breakfasts, Studios and Small Resorts
Star Villas                                www.starvillas.com                         $100 and up
Harmony Studios  (fans only)  www.maho.org                               $120 and up
Coconut Coast Villas            www.coconutcoast.com                 $165 and up
Inn at Tamarind Court           www.innattamarindcourt.com        $170 and up
Estate Lindholm Resort          www.estatelindholm.com                $170 and up
Cinnamon Bay Campground    www.cinnamonbay.com            $30 and up 
Maho Bay Concordia Eco-Tents  www.maho.org                          $95 and up

** There are many affordable housing options on St Thomas. Itís approximately a 30-45 minute ferry ride to/from St Johnís.
** Also check Hotwire (www.hotwire.com) for great hotels deals on St Johnís and St Thomas.