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Airfare to St Thomas on Yahoo Travel currently starts at $379 from Chicago with United & $400 from elsewhere.  We of course recommend using air miles and/or traveling from major cities if possible.


If using American Airlines, you can get 5% off by referencing group #221-2255. Call AA group reservations at1-800-321-2121.


Passport Questions

Currently both the US and British Virgin Islands allow a valid US birth certificate to be used rather than a passport although this will change in 2006.  Visit the official site http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2225.html  for more information.


Getting to St John’s from Cyril E King International Airport in St Thomas

Some resorts and hotels will pick up guests directly from the airport.  If not, take a short cab to the city of Red Hook where you can pick up the public ferry to Cruz Bay, St John for less than five dollars.  The ferry runs every 30 minutes. Click here for ferry information. Once you get to St. Thomas you can take a cab to your car rental location or hotel.


Ferry Schedule, Visiting St Thomas, Getting To Other Islands

Public ferries from St John from Cruz Bay or the National Parks go to both St Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. The fares ranges from $4-$25 dollars each way depending on which island you’re going to and what ferry you take.  St Thomas docks are either Red Hook (capital city) or Charlotte Amalie. For more information on visiting other islands, click here for ferry schedules.

Car and Jeep Rentals

Do you need a car? It depends on both what you want to do and where you plan to stay.  Factor these things into your decision and know that while’s it probably best to arrange car rental through your resort or hotel, we’ve listed a couple of agencies below.  Average car rental prices start at $50 a day.  It’s important to remember that while the driver sits in the right side of the car (American style) we’ll be driving on the left side of the road (British style). 

    Car Rental Agencies