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Angie and Jack met back in 5th grade, shortly after Jack moved to Texas.  They became and stayed friends throughout high school without ever dating, but finally had a first date right after graduation.  Angie took off for college, but ten years later, Jack looked Angie up in Chicago. Yet again, distance and timing spoiled their plans.   Last year, with Angie's return to Texas, they got together for dinner as friends and finally got their act together!  Better late than never!



Jack Poehlman (born in Waupaca, Wisconsin) is half Cheese-Head and half Texan and makes the best fried turkey this side of the Mississippi! He's an-avid off-roading fan for which he build his own custom Land Rovers and he's one exam away from being a hot air balloon pilot, so watch those skies. Jack's a microbrew aficionado and a darn good cook too.  When he's not doing any of that, Jack works in IT (mostly networks and servers) and currently heads up deployment for a local technology firm.  Email Jack at jpoehlman@msn.com




Angie Kaufman (born in Stillwater, OK three days before Jack) is half Texan, half-Chicagoan and all Cubs fan!  She's a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and serves the community at TCU in Fort Worth (go frogs!) where she came to after working at DePaul University in Chicago and attending the University of Chicago.  When she's not working, she's often plugged in with a laptop at her local Starbucks, catching up on reading or out cycling when the weather's nice. Email Angie at angelakaufman@yahoo.com